Geomagic Freeform

Geomagic Freeform

craneoModelado sin límite para la fabricación

Geomagic Freeform is a multi-purpose design platform for creating complex, sculptural, production-ready 3D models for 3D printing, or mold and die manufacturing.




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Design the Impossible

Geomagic Freeform picks up where your traditional CAD system stops. Now you can design like never before – sculpting beautiful, detailed forms – and still be able to work within established engineering design workflows. With Freeform you’re not constrained by anything except your imagination

Manufacture Directly from Your Designs

Geomagic Freeform Plus’ specialized features allow you to identify and fix potential manufacturing issues early in the design process. You can retain artistic control while avoiding production surprises and costly mistakes. Freeform models go smoothly into your 3D printing, or mold and die manufacturing workflow.

Reduce Reliance on Multiple CAD and Design Tools

Geomagic Freeform is unique in its ability to handle voxels, polygons, subdivision and NURBS solids and surfaces in one design environment. This allows you to use the right representation for the right job, giving you more choices and enabling incredibly fast, flexible workflows. Freeform’s robust file import and export formats allow you to easily combine sculpted designs with traditional CAD models.

Marry Mechanical Design with Freeform Design

You can take advantage of both CAD and Freeform design with Geomagic Designer Packages, which combine Geomagic Design, a full-featured mechanical CAD software, with Geomagic Freeform. Design complete assemblies, perform motion simulation, generate beautiful renderings, and output complete engineering drawings.




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