Geomagic Design Direct

Geomagic Design Direct

designdi_bannerSoftware de escaneado y diseño integrado

Geomagic Design Direct (formerly Geomagic Spark®) combines powerful reverse engineering tools with an easy-to-use, comprehensive direct modeling CAD platform.





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Change the Way You Design

With the power of direct modeling from scan data, you can streamline every phase of development: product design, engineering, concept modeling, prototyping, manufacturing and documentation. So your products are created, altered, prototyped and manufactured more efficiently than ever.

Empower Your Entire Team

Now, everyone can be a CAD designer, no specialized training required. Geomagic Design Direct’s easy-to-learn interface, automated feature extraction and simple push/pull toolset make it a snap to use. And our online tutorials and knowledge base articles will have you designing in no time flat.

Expand the Possibilities

You don’t have to design everything from scratch – just scan a physical object and use it to quickly generate a new design. You can even combine existing CAD designs with scanned objects, generate 2D and 3D drawings, manipulate assemblies and integrate easily with your existing tools.

Accelerate Product Time to Market

Shave days or weeks from product development time. Scan prototypes, existing parts, tooling or related objects and create designs in a fraction of the time it would take to manually measure and create CAD models. Edit concept designs on the fly without wading through a backlogged CAD department.


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